Bxmi DIGITAL TOKEN EXCHANGE LEGAL DISCLAIMER (“Disclaimer”) is given by Bxmi Pte. Ltd ,Singapore UEN 201839455K (“Bxmi ”), a company registered in Singapore with its registered address at 23 New Industrial Road, #04-08, Solstice Business Center, Singapore 536209 under the laws of the Singapore (“the Company”). We administer and operates the website, www.Bxmi.com (“our Website”)

The Disclaimer sets out the risks to the User associated with trading and the use of the Bxmi Digital Token exchange trading platform. By registering on Bxmi website and using Bxmi platform the User accepts and agrees with the practices and restrictions described in the Disclaimer.


1. The trading of goods and products, real or virtual, including Digital Token, entails great risk, and the User expressly agrees to accept the risks set out in this Disclaimer as well as other risks not listed herein that are inherent in online trading and Digital Token speculation.

1. The User agrees to accept the following risks and accepts and understands that Bxmi SHALL NOT be responsible or otherwise responsible for any actual or indirect loss or harm of any kind resulting directly or indirectly from the occurrence of any or more of the following danger incidents in whole or part:

1. Trading risk: There is an intrinsic danger of risks arising from the buying, selling or trading anything on a market.

1. Price fluctuation risk: Digital Token values will and do fluctuate considerably on any given day and due to these market volatility, Digital Assets of the user will be subject to significant value fluctuations and may even be worthless. Chance of putting orders: Incomplete and inaccurate ordering. Every order, including Market Orders, Limit Orders and Stop-limit Orders, which not (and are not guaranteed) be available at the User's specified price or number. Orders may be cancelled at the discretion of Bxmi, or for any other reason.

A Market Order will normally be executed as soon as possible, and the execution price of the transaction's execution price may vary considerably from the user's closest bid / ask price, resulting in considerable loss. In addition, an order may not place completely or at all or may be placed at the wrong price or may suffer an unwanted delay in execution for any of many reasons.

Under certain market conditions, the User might find liquidating a position difficult or impossible. That will arise, for example, when market liquidity is lacking. Placing contingent orders, such as "stop-loss" or "stop-limit" orders, will not necessarily limit losses or lock profits to the amounts intended, as market conditions may render such orders impossible to execute.

1. Risk of order errors: The Customer may unintentionally place an order for an asset resulting in an unnecessary order due to his own mistake or due to a program or other human error.

During funding or withdrawal, the Customer, Bxmi or any third party (including a financial institution or payment institution or hacker) may send Digital Token to the wrong Wallet address. Because of hardware or software problems (including, without limitation, Internet and other accessibility issues), the User may be stopped from issuing a Request. For these hardware or device issues Bxmi is not liable. Unauthorized third parties can access or use their accounts without their consent or authorization and may affect transactions. Exceptional market conditions, force majeure incidents, and similar events can trigger delays in booking of funds.

Information risk: The reporting module may include errors or omissions or even delays, inaccuracies, mistakes, interruptions or omissions in the delivery of price quotes or other details received on the Digital Token exchange platform in which the Customer may depend in making an Order.

1. Cyber-attack risk: third-party or other attacks targeting computers / networks, distributing ransomware, running botnets, (D)DOS attacks, disabled websites, network security violations, etc. that influence, interrupt or otherwise interfere with the putting or execution of an order on the Digital Token exchange platform or the transfer of funds to and from the User's wallet.

1. Tax risk: Transactions completed by the User using the Bxmi Digital Token Exchange Platform may be subject to various taxes, such as VAT, sales tax or transfer taxes imposed by the User's domicile or citizenship. Bxmi cannot be kept liable for any tax issues.

1. Token risk: Any token listed, or the underlying project, may be abandoned by the creators, suffer from lack of success or business failure for a number of reasons including but not limited to, lack of public interest, lack of financing, lack of economic viability or opportunities (e.g. triggered by competitive projects) and the User may experience significant losses as a result of investment in either of the projects listed on the Bxmi platform.


1. Bxmi Digital Token exchange trading platform is operating on "as is" and "as operating" basis. Bxmi explicitly disclaims all warranties of any kind, express or implied, including, without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular reason, title and non-infringement of the trading platform, including the details, content and materials found therein.

1. Bxmi or either of Bxmi 's agents hall not be responsible to the User for any damages resulting from the usage or misuse or failure to use the Bxmi Digital Token Exchange, regardless of whether these losses are actual, indirect, exceptional, accidental or consequential losses of some kind, in any circumstances and under any rule of law


The User understands and accepts that the website can alter or adjust the Disclaimer by Bxmi. Through automated update on the website, Bxmi will alert the User of modifications to the Disclaimer but does not call for any action to ensure that the User agrees. If the User does not agree with the new amended version, the User should stop use Bxmi products, including Bxmi Digital Token exchange will be discontinued.


We are a registered company in the Republic of Singapore, this Privacy Policy was written solely in compliance with Singapore law. We may not indicate or guarantee that this Privacy Policy complies with the privacy laws of any other jurisdiction and thus, this Privacy Policy as such you are not to construe.

Bxmi Services are not available To citizens of USA, QUEBEC STATE OF CANADA AND SINGAPORE,

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