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Secure your hard assets with BXMINFT platform.

Blockchain technology's tamper-proof and decentralized nature offers impossibly high security. The BXMI marketplace is the most secure way to trade Diamonds and Gold, with a 0% transaction fee.

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what makes diamond &
gold a great asset?

Maintaining a hard asset portfolio provides financial security for personal assets and has historically proven to be a safe traditional investment for SMEs, hedge funds, and hard asset dealers or jewelers.

Preserves Investment

Investing in gold and diamond is a great way to preserve your investment, especially during inflation as it will have no impact on the value of your assets.

Rising demand

As long as history dictate, the demand for gold and diamond has only multiplied over the years. It's the reason why it is convevient to sell these assets.

Consistent appreciation

The value of gold and diamond has consistently increased over the year and is safe from depreciation, unlike the USD. That's why people invest in these assets

International convertibility

Both gold and diamonds retain an international worth, which makes them the only globally accepted alternative currency that keeps the same value.

Know your asset's worth

The best thing about owning gold and diamonds is that you are always aware of the value of your assets. You can then buy sell accordingly.

Sustainable Investment

Diamonds and gold are the traditional way of securing your wealth and those assets that are going to withstand all types of revolutions.

How does it work?

Trade diamond and gold on our exclusive marketplace secured with blockchain.

Connect Wallet

No need for KYC, just connect your MetaMask and log into your profile. All your transaction will be in bxmi token, an ERC20 token.

Start buying and selling

Buy and sell hard assets on our blockchain-based marketplace. However, physical trade will be at the buyers’ and sellers’ discretion.


Offer competitive rates based on the market value of each asset and sell your diamonds and gold to earn BXMI token.

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